Most Popular Men Hairstyles in 2018

Most Popular Men Hairstyles in 2018

Women really like men who look neat, organized and fashionable. The easiest way to judge a guy who first can be done by looking at the haircut, the man who styled his hair either with modern hairstyle, the present or a typical short haircut and haircut can easily be observed his character.

In contrast to the haircut of men in the 90s and in the early 2000s, hair cuts in 2014-2016 have undergone significant changes even in the year 2017 this men no longer hesitate to imitate korea hair pieces or hollywood stars.

To make a good haircut model, of course, the first thing to note is the shape of the face. Look for haircuts according to the face shape so that the hairstyle you use can synergize with the face frame. The type of hair you have is also not less important, Whether it is straight, curls, curls or volume can cause a deep impression for the opposite sex.

The most popular male haircut in 2018

In order to model the haircut you want to try to fit with the appearance, first of all to know is how the shape of your face. short haircuts, long hairstyles, or the latest haircuts that are famous will be in vain if you override the face shape. It’s easier these are the easiest traits so you can know the face shape:

  • Oval Face: Forehead slightly wide, with narrow cheekbones and jawline tapered.
    Round face: Face line is like a circle, with wide cheekbones, jaws and curved forehead.
    Square Face: The face line is not tall but wide but at all points, wide forehead, strong cheekbones, and angled jaws.
    Heart Face (Love): Dahi wide, strong cheekbones, and small chin.
    Triangular Face: The face line features a broad jaw with a small forehead.
    Diamond face / diamonds / hexagons: The cheekbones are wider than chin and narrow forehead.
    After knowing the shape of your own face, it is very easy in making decisions when choosing a haircut. Here’s what you must be waiting for, the latest and most popular model haircut in 2018!

Model Hair Cut Men Oval Face

The oval face has a balance of proportions, you are free to choose any hairstyle. The male haircut that fits the shape of the oval face is short hair to medium thin on both sides. the addition of bangs on the forehead will load a different image from your real face. If you use long or long hairstyle, you can make a rear comb like Japanese mafia, of course you need pomade for hair style from your piece last long like in thisĀ hairstyles website.

Round Hair Piece of Men’s Hair

Basically the round face shape has a clear characteristic that is the wide cheek, it can be an important keyword when you choose a hairstyle. Choose a haircut that makes your face frame to be longer, do not use the bangs or hair decomposes on the face area. If you make a mistake, your face will look more chubby / tarnish of course your hairstyle.

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