12 Steps to Harmonize your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique, popularized in the last decades, that can help us to harmonize diverse areas of life, such as financial or relationships, for example. For this to happen, you must apply the right decor to each room. This can be done through the use of colors and fabrics; or elements such as glass, wood, and metal. It is also possible to arrange furniture or enjoy the benefits of sun and water in the rooms.

It is interesting to think that Feng Shui began with simple observations about the environments and the effects they caused in people’s lives, to the point of recognizing patterns that crystallized into a set of rules that today provide well-being and success for those who they apply it in their homes.

But how do you find out what is the area of prosperity, health or creativity in a given area? Although there are several schools in Feng Shui, one of the most common and popular techniques in the West is the application of bagua. This octagonal figure is internally divided into 9 parts, where each represents an element and a specific energy. To apply the baguá, simply place it on the map of a certain environment, which can be a house, a plot or even a room. The reference is the entrance door which, in turn, should match the work area. Thus, we can find out that part of our home, for example, is governed by career, relationships or spirituality.

That is why, if there are sick people in our home, we should pay attention to the health area. The intention is to perceive precisely if this space is stuffed, dirty or misused. These factors often undermine the free circulation of chi, the vital energy, according to the Chinese.


Check out 12 essential tips below that can help you make your home even more harmonized:

  1. Environments with many points, like edges in the walls and pointed shelves, do not usually offer tranquility to the inhabitants. Already strong colors like black, red and purple, can incite arguments and heated emotions. The ideal for those who need moments of calm is the use of soothing shades of blue.
  2. Excessive mirrors in the rooms – especially near the beds – and electronic devices, hamper sleep and rest.
  3. Keep all environments clean, because if there is dirt in a certain area, vital energy does not circulate in the environment and can attract disease.
  4. Doors and windows should open fully, without any hindrance, so opportunities can actually enter the environments and also in our lives.
  5. There should be ample space for movement between furniture, so that the energy can also circulate freely around the area, bringing vitality and a sense of peace and harmony.
  6. An illuminated and ventilated house is fundamental to allow the circulation of vital energy, besides leaving no stagnant area. For this, the environment needs to receive a good dose of sunlight.
  7. Plants and animals also help balance the energies.
  8. Doors in corridors should be closed to avoid disputes in the house, as energy disperses in many rooms. Likewise, trash cans and vase caps should be capped to prevent the vital energy from the environment from draining.
  9. Well-kept stoves and the rotating use of all objects in the house attract prosperity, for nothing is forgotten or useless.
  10. It is essential to avoid the presence of messy rooms, as well as objects under beds or cabinets so as not to disturb our rest, also avoiding oppressive and depressive feelings.
  11. Pictures on the walls should represent good things. Those who want to attract a love, for example, should avoid exposing figures that refer to sadness or loneliness.
  12. Do not store objects that bring you bad memories even if you do not always associate the object with a particular person or situation.

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